Criminal Law

Scales of JusticeThe key to Criminal Law is in analysis of your facts.  We assist individuals in assessing their situation, preparing a defense, analyzing strengths and weaknesses in their situation, and making decisions.  Often, the best Criminal Defense is a matter of good decision making while traversing the system.  For some situations, mitigating damages is most important, preserving families within the community, keeping your job, and discovering opportunities.  When clients are charged with a crime that they did not commit, it is important to navigate the system with strategy and self control.  A good defense may be a good offense.  Ultimately, we are always  mindful that it is the State’s burden to prove guilt, and this is an essential key to our approach.

Utilizing various payment methods, clients are able to know a defined cost to prepare and defend themselves.  We are responsive to our clients and are open to regular and effective communication.  Please contact us for a consultation, lets see what we might be able to do for you.



A probation violation is completely different than an initial defense for a criminal allegation.  Allow our extensive background in probation to be a tool for you to use when faced with a probation violation.  Different levels of proof are required by the Court.  Hearings, outcomes, and procedure can be handled in a much different way


Juvenile Law

A completely different system has been created for handling allegations of juvenile delinquency.  With different consequences, informal options outside of court, involvement with the local school corporations, and the possibility of waiver into adult court, the juvenile delinquency system is very complex.  Solid advice while traversing the juvenile system is essential.

With over 11 years working in the Juvenile Court, we have the knowledge to guide you.