Family Law

Noble, LaGrange, DeKalb, and Whitley Counties

Too many times, Husbands and Wives find that they are ready to part ways, but want to do it amicably. After consulting with individual attorneys, they find themselves being pitted against each other costing thousands of dollars and they lose sight of their original goal: separate without harming the other party, go their separate ways.

After years of contested family law matters, Jansen Law offers assistance to families who find themselves ready to Divorce or ready to modify the terms of their Custody arrangements. Without representing either party, we can notify you of the laws and legal considerations assist in preparing and filing the proper paperwork, resolving your issues with the least conflict possible. Parties must be willing to put forth the effort to resolve their issues with the ultimate goal in mind: dissolution.

Parties should be prepared to divide assets equally to the extent possible, and work toward the best interests of their children. Contact Jansen Law to evaluate if this method will work to your benefit.

Contested Family Law matters: At this time, Jansen Law is not accepting CONTESTED family law matters including divorce, child custody, and child support issues.

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