Modifications and Expungements

Noble and LaGrange Counties


There are certainly times in our lives were would like to change what has happened. Unfortunately, we can not change the past. If you have found yourself in this situation and have changed your future by a positive response to incarceration, home detention, and other forms of community supervision, you may be in a position to request a modification to your criminal sentence.

Contact our office to discuss the options available and to analyze your situation to see if a Modification is in your best interest at this time. In most cases, you have two opportunities to request a modification. It is best to have solid legal advice prior to filing a request so that you do not waste an opportunity.

Many times, Level 6 Felonies and Class D Felonies are holding people back from certain opportunities. Contact our office to analyze whether or not it is time to reduce your felony conviction to a misdemeanor.


Indiana law currently allows for expungements of criminal records if certain criteria are present. There are different timelines that are required by law and there is a specific window of time during which you must file all expungements or waive the opportunity to do so. We provide an analysis of your situation during our consultation. We offer structured pricing based upon the necessary steps to obtain your expungement, and a final flat fee so that you know exactly what to expect. Contact Jansen Law to see whether or not we can assist you to remove the blemish from your record.


**Please note that Indiana Expungements are not true expungements in that they are still accessible to Prosecutors and Courts if someone violates the law in the future. Most clients are well served by the confidentiality that the Indiana Expungement law does provide.**