Specialized Driving Privileges

Noble and LaGrange Counties

If your license is suspended, whether it is court ordered or suspended by the BMV, Specialized Driving Privileges may be the answer you are looking for. In rural Indiana, not having a valid license is an extreme burden. Having to ask for rides, always looking over your shoulder, driving without a license, all are risks and burdens that may be unnecessary.

Contact Jansen Law and schedule a consultation to review your driving record to evaluate if this is your best option. Having represented multiple persons in Noble, DeKalb, and LaGrange counties who are now back on the road legally, we have the experience necessary to advise you properly.

For a reasonable flat fee, our clients know their exact costs and expectations up front. If you have pending criminal charges, obtaining your driving privileges may improve your negotiating strategy and standing.

Let us help you evaluate your license free of charge by contacting Jansen Law today.
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