The Estate Plan

Woman Drinking Coffee (Estate Planning)There are many things to think about when preparing an estate plan, with adjustments depending upon your stage in life.

Are you a newlywed?  Believe that you and your spouse have committed everything to each other and believe that if one of you were to pass away, the other would receive all of your estate?  Without creating a Last Will and Testament, a portion of your estate would pass to your parents.

Do you have a young family?  By creating a Last Will and Testament, you may designate who would obtain guardianship over your children if necessary.  Allow us to guide you through the what-ifs of life. While this may be difficult to contemplate, a strong plan will bring you comfort and confidence thereafter.

Do you have specific desires as to who should manage your estate according to your plan?  Do you want to give gifts through your estate to those friends not related to you?  Let us assist you in planning to meet your unique desires.

If you have identified a need to control your assets and the way they are administered for the protection of your beneficiaries, a Trust may be appropriate for you as well.  We can create a specific set of directions for your Trustee to follow, ensuring your specific desires and protections for your beneficiaries are met.

Part of an Estate Plan includes preparing for certain necessities that occur during your lifetime as well.  Using tools such as a Power of Attorney and a Healthcare Representative Designation, you can be prepared to address challenges that can occur during your lifetime.

You do not need to have the answers.  Contact Jansen Law to discuss the options, your desires and your concerns.  We will guide you through the planning process, and create an Estate Plan especially designed for you.