Adoption & Guardianship


There are times in our lives where we are vulnerable and need assistance. The law can provide great strength in creating and fashioning a legal outcome to protect you and provide for you when given the right guidance. Adoption and Guardianship matters are often times of high stress and anxiety with great consequences on the line.


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Solid guidance and effective use of the Probate Code allows Step-Parents the ability to adopt a Step-Child, creating a legal bond that reinforces the familial bond of a parent who has chosen to strengthen their family.


Adoption allows Parents to grow their family and provide for a child either locally or internationally, then reinforce their legal strengths and protections as if that child were their biological child. Allow us to guide you through this process and utilize the tools available in the community to make it a knowledge filled and exciting experience.


Christopher Jansen Law has helped multiple families adopt children who are Wards of the Court after they were involved with the Division of Child

If you have a question or concern about adopting a child, contact our office for more information and we will meet with you to discuss your options. In most cases, a reasonable flat fee arrangement is made so there are no surprises waiting for you after engagement of our services.


Guardianships are a great way to provide safety and security to a child while their parents negotiate tough times. Preserving parental rights is important for many children and their parents, but a safe and healthy home take priority. We can assist in preparing and filing Guardianship matters for minor children in times of need.

Unfortunately, some adults find physical or emotional disabilities cause them to need help. Having a Guardian that can assist with finances or look out for that person is essential in creating a healthy community and provides that person great comfort and feelings of security. It is a very scary time when your family begins this experience. Christopher Jansen Law can provide the appropriate advice and guidance to answer most of your questions, and guide you through the unanswered questions with confidence.