Mediation is a system by which parties come together in a confidential setting to negotiate an outcome for their legal needs. Chris is a registered Family Law Mediator through the Indiana Supreme Court, able to offer mediation for various family law matters. Whether you are attempting to resolve differences about who retains certain tangible items from the marriage or discuss the most advantageous child custody arrangement for your children, mediation is a great way to reach a resolution.

Parties will often meet at our office to attempt to resolve their differences and we attempt to do so in a half day session if at all possible. Parties provide information to the mediator prior to the meeting so that we may focus our efforts on what needs resolved.

Whether you have a complete agreement at the end of the day, or a substantial agreement toward that final resolution, parties mediating in good faith can walk away with the confidence that their concerns have been heard, their input has been respected, and that they have accepted the mediated outcome as being in their best interests. All of this can be done without nasty litigation and making statements in open court that can not be undone.

Ask your attorney about mediation and whether or not it is right for you. Are you pro se (without an attorney), parties can agree or the Court can Order mediation in an effort to resolve the issues short of litigation.

Counsel: Are you in need of mediation on location? Contact Christopher Jansen Law, LLC to inquire about our ability to travel to you.