Criminal Defense


Judge's Gavel

If you have been charged with a crime in Noble County, hiring an experienced attorney can ensure you receive the individual attention you expect. Chris prides himself in listening to his clients, communicating about their situation, their needs, and their goals. This is step #1. Listen.

Following a thorough analysis of the evidence against his client, he will move forward together to find the best path to attack the case and defend his client’s interests, all while keeping their goals in the forefront. Identified vulnerabilities in your case are identified and used to defend your position. Yes, we look to see if an allegation can be dismissed. However, if law enforcement does it’s job correctly and completely, we set goals of pretrial diversions, favorable plea agreements, or if necessary, a favorable trial outcome.

Chris is not so brazen as to offer an answer or a promise that he can’t deliver on. Proper guidance and advice will help you navigate the system, though, and you will be given direct information and communication. Protecting clients from undue pressured decisions is key to a proper legal defense.


A probation violation is completely different than an initial defense for a criminal allegation. Allow Chris to refer to his extensive background as a former probation officer when advising you through this portion of the Criminal Court. Different rights exist when faced with a probation violation. Different levels of proof are required by the Court. Chris can represent your interests and guide you prior to your hearings before the Court.

Probation Violations have consequences limited to the original suspended time from your original criminal court sentence. The Court may impose alternative and additional probation requirements as well. Contact Chris to discuss your options and your goals. 

Click or scan the QR code to visit Noble County Probation Department for online applications:
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A completely different system has been created for handling allegations of juvenile delinquency. With different consequences, informal options outside of court, involvement with the local school corporations, and the possibility of waiver into adult court, the juvenile delinquency system is very complex. Solid advice while traversing the juvenile system is essential. With over 11 years working in the Juvenile Court as a Probation Officer in addition to his experience defending juvenile clients, Chris has the knowledge to guide you.

Specialized Driving Privileges

If your license is suspended, whether it is court ordered or suspended by the BMV, Specialized Driving Privileges may be the answer you are looking for. In rural Indiana, not having a valid license is an extreme burden. Having to ask for rides, always looking over your shoulder, driving
without a license, all are risks and burdens that may be unnecessary.

Contact Jansen Law and schedule a consultation to review your driving record to evaluate if this is your best option. Having represented multiple persons in Noble, DeKalb, and LaGrange counties who are now back on the road legally, we have the experience necessary to advise you

For a reasonable flat fee, our clients know their exact costs and expectations up front. If you have pending criminal charges, obtaining your driving privileges may improve your negotiating strategy and standing.

Let us help you evaluate your license free of charge by contacting Jansen Law today.

Modifications & Expungements


There are certainly times in our lives were would like to change what has happened. Unfortunately, we can not change the past. If you have found yourself in this situation and have changed your future by a positive response to incarceration, home detention, and other forms of community supervision, you may be in a position to request a modification to your criminal sentence.

Contact our office to discuss the options available and to analyze your situation to see if a Modification is in your best interest at this time. In most cases, you have two opportunities to request a modification. It is best to have solid legal advice prior to filing a request so that you do not waste an opportunity.

Many times, Level 6 Felonies and Class D Felonies are holding people back from certain opportunities. Contact our office to analyze whether or not it is time to reduce your felony conviction to a misdemeanor.


Indiana law currently allows for expungements of criminal records if certain criteria are present. There are different timelines that are required by law and there is a specific window of time during which you must file all expungements or waive the opportunity to do so. We provide an analysis of your situation during our consultation. We offer structured pricing based upon the necessary steps to obtain your expungement, and a final flat fee so that you know exactly what to expect. Contact Jansen Law to see whether or not we can assist you to remove the blemish from your record.

**Please note that Indiana Expungements are not true expungements in that they are still accessible to Prosecutors and Courts if someone violates the law in the future. Most clients are well served by the confidentiality that the Indiana Expungement law does provide.**


In Indiana, you face the following general penalties if convicted of a criminal offense:


  • Class A Misdemeanor: Maximum time of incarceration is one year, fine of up to $5,000.00,
    and Court Costs.
  • Class B Misdemeanor: Maximum time of incarceration is 180 days, fine of up to
    $1,000.00, and Court Costs.
  • Class C Misdemeanor: Maximum time of incarceration is 60 days, fine of up to $500.00,
    and Court Costs.

The minimum sentence in a Misdemeanor is for the Court to suspend all jail time and costs with the exception of Court Costs. These are not able to be suspended if a conviction is entered. All Misdemeanor sentences can have part or all of the jail sentence suspended, and an order of
probation can be entered. Alternative sentences often include home detention, work release, and any other program offered by that particular county.


  • Murder: Minimum time is 45 years, Advisory time is 55 years, and Maximum time is 65
  • Level 1 Felony: Minimum time is 20 years, Advisory time is 30 years, and Maximum time
    is 40 years.
  • Level 2 Felony: Minimum time is 10 years, Advisory time is 17.5 years, and Maximum
    time is 30 years.
  • Level 3 Felony: Minimum time is 3 years, Advisory time is 9 years, and Maximum time is
    16 years.
  • Level 4 Felony: Minimum time is 2 years, Advisory time is 6 years, and Maximum time is
    12 years.
  • Level 5 Felony: Minimum time is 1 years, Advisory time is 3 years, and Maximum time is
    6 years.
  • Level 6 Felony: Minimum time is 6 months, Advisory time is 1 year, and Maximum time is
    2.5 years.

Felony convictions can also have fines assessed in the amount of $10,000.00.

Most Felony sentences can have part or all of the jail sentence suspended, and an order of probation can be entered. Alternative sentences often include home detention, work release, and any other program offered by that particular county.

Misdemeanors and some Level 6 Felonies sentences serve all executed portions of their sentence in the local county jail. Inmates receive 1 day of good time credit for every 1 day of actual credit served, essentially causing individuals to served only have of the sentence they were ordered to.
Level 5 felonies and above must serve 3 days before receiving 1 day of good time credit, essentially serving 75% of their sentence.

It is important to have solid legal advice when facing any criminal allegation. You should know your rights and have someone who knows and understands the law. There are additional concerns that each person must be aware of based upon their specific allegations including enhanced
penalties if future charges come about, current enhancements based upon prior convictions, and other ancillary penalties including the impact of a conviction on your license.